20 Million Miles to Earth Review

October 23, 2016

It’s the month of October, which means it is the perfect time to review an old classic monster movie.

The story is about the first manned flight to Venus crash landing in the Mediterranean, losing an egg that hatches into a rapidly-growing reptilian creature. This plot may seem a bit more goofy than most are comfortable with, but the script is well written, the acting is good, the pacing is consistent, and the tone is surprisingly serious.

I actually found myself invested in the story throughout the film and did not lose interest. The human characters are, unfortunately, forgettable and unmemorable. They are the film’s biggest weakness, but they are not the star of the film. The star is the reptilian Ymir from the planet Venus, beautifully animated via stopmotion by special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen. His technique really adds character to the creature, and I ended up feeling sorry for it, as it is portrayed as but a frightened creature in an unfamiliar world, only acting out of fear. His effects are what really makes the film and are a delight whenever they show up on screen

I definitely recommend this film for fans of Harryhausen’s work, the beautiful art of stopmotion, monster movies, science fiction, or just those looking for a fun film to watch during the weekend. It is in no way a masterpiece, but it was a film that kept me engaged and entertained me nonetheless. It’s a perfect film to watch this time of year, so grab some popcorn and a friend, and watch a good old-fashioned 50’s monster movie. This film also makes makes me wonder what a modern remake of the film would look like…


*This is only the beginning of Monster Month. I, just like the monsters of film, will return in the sequel.

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