PVA students, chaperones, and British peers pose for a group photo.

PVA students, chaperones, and British peers pose for a group photo.

PVA students, chaperones, and British peers pose for a group photo.

PVA Yorkshire Trip 2016

September 1, 2016

This summer I was lucky enough to be able to go to England with the PVA program. There were eleven other Annapolis High students and two Broadneck High students. Unfortunately, we had a mishap before even getting to go through security. One of the girls had the wrong passport and had to take a later flight to meet us in Manchester. After that we were able to get to Manchester without any problems, though none of us were able to sleep on the plane; we were too excited to be on our way to England.

Once we landed in Manchester, another girl realized that she left her wallet on the plane. Once she got her wallet back, she discovered that some of her money had been stolen from her wallet. We then were able to get onto the bus and go to where we were staying, the Maryland Study Center at Kiplin Hall. Kiplin Hall is a beautiful house that was built in the 1620s by George Calvert (the first Lord Baltimore), and the study center once was the stables, but has since been converted into a livable space.

The first day we were in England was dedicated to nothing. Once we were settled, we were allowed to explore the house and the grounds. After many of us went and explored the grounds we were tired and decided to kick back and talk in the study (which was very similar to a living room). When someone asked another person to close the door, disaster struck when the door stop was moved too quickly and slammed the door, causing it to lock. Chaperones tried to unlock the door with the key from the outside, and were unsuccessful; so one of them climbed through the window in the study with the key to try to open the door from the inside, but it was another unsuccessful attempt. Since the door was unable to be unlocked, everyone that was in the study had to climb out the window, go around the house and reenter through the front door.

The second day in England we spent in York. We started our day with a tour of a breathtaking church in York. After the tour we split into two groups: the first one went to a local arts fair in town, and the other one went to a few stores and went shopping. After, we all met back up and went for afternoon tea, which is a very big thing there. Once we finished tea, we rushed back to the church for a tour of the tower. We walked up 250 steep stairs in a tight spiral, but once we made it to the top, the view was absolutely breathtaking. Once we walked back down all of the steps we went on our way to dinner. But on our way, we stopped to watch a street performance. The street performer was undoubtedly hilarious, he juggled fire while blindfolded. We then went on our way to dinner, and after dinner we went back to the house where we played card games such as BS and other games like Mafia.

Our third day in England we spent exploring Richmond. We spent about an hour shopping in the square before we went and toured the ruins of Richmond Castle, then went to a waterfall and spent time just relaxing in the beauty of nature. After relaxing, we went to dinner at a little fish and chips restaurant called Barkers.

The next five days were dedicated to working on our projects. Seven of the fourteen of us worked on an exhibition focusing on the fear of growing up, while the other seven worked on a devised theater piece of Peter Pan. Those working on Peter Pan also got to work with a summer camp of British students. The exhibition and performance (which turned out wonderfully) was on Friday.

On Saturday we spent the day in Darlington. We explored the mall and the fair going on. There were street venders lined up and down the streets. Another girl and I got our second holes pierced at a Claire’s in their mall. We rode on the tea cups ride at the fair and in the afternoon went to tea again. We then all went home and packed for our flight the next day. Flying out of Manchester was a bittersweet moment for us all. We had all fallen in love with the English countryside, but we also missed our families and pets.

You can check out all of the excitement at http://pvayorkshire2016.weebly.com/travel-journal.html and even more photos are on a public Facebook group called “PVA Abroad 2016”.

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