Panthers Show Spirit at Homecoming Game

October 25, 2015

The seats rattled precariously as the crowd erupted in cheers. A few teenagers were knocked from the bleachers and sent sprawling into the mass of red, white, and blue. They picked themselves up and continued screaming at the top of their lungs. Soon the yells evolved into a chant:

“I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!”

And Annapolis High did win, but more than that, it crushed Northeast High School with a final score of 48:0.  After last year’s Homecoming loss to Arundel, the Panthers had their hearts set on a victory. This passion permeated the game. Students showed up in head-to-toe patriotic garb, wearing everything from American flags to Statue of Liberty crowns. Cheerleaders led the crowd in cheers as the band- complete with xylophone and electric guitar- played school songs.

The crowd was on its feet the entire time, except twice. Once was during halftime, as the band marched on field and the Homecoming Court was announced. Newly crowned courtiers walked under an archway of swords (courtesy of the ROTC students). Some of the princesses immediately removed their sashes and ran back onto the track to cheer.

It was when a Northeast player was injured that the Panthers sat a second time. As soon as an ambulance pulled up, the entire crowd took a seat, and players dropped to their knees. They did not stand until the ambulance drove away. And it was this stillness, even more than the deafening cheers of earlier that night, that captured the character of Annapolis High School.


Game Highlights


10:31– After a 60 yard dash, AHS gets the first touchdown of the game. We also get the bonus two-point conversion for a score of 8-0.

8:04– Another touchdown is scored by AHS, but no bonus points are received. The current score is 14-0.

The ball is fumbled by NE and AHS takes possession of the ball.

0:25– Following a 40 yard run, AHS gets its third touchdown of the quarter. With the two-point conversion, the score comes to 22-0.


#58 of the Annapolis Panthers, Shiakeem Davis, has been injured on field. The players take a knee and the crowd sits down as he is attended to by medical personnel. Finally, he stands, and is escorted off field. He returns to play for AHS later in the game.

8:29– AHS scores a touchdown. The score is now 28-0.

After the ball goes to NE, it is repossessed by AHS.

6:49– Yet another touchdown is scored by AHS, and with no bonus points, the score stands at    34-0.

5:34– AHS scores its final touchdown of the quarter, bringing the total to 40-0.


Before the start of Q3, an ambulance is called and sent to the NE side of the field. It remains there for a while, until play finally resumes. The crowd stands and cheers as it drives away.

There is no change in score.


8:36– A long throw is caught for a touchdown by AHS. The two-point conversion is added, bringing the total to 48-0.

A NE player makes a dash for the touchdown zone but is tackled.

AHS intercepts the ball after NE attempts to get a touchdown.

Final Score: 48-0

Marie Shepard @Sight Not Sound
Congratulations to Mekhi Johnson and Cyntria Vinson!
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