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April 22, 2014

As many of you know, Annapolis High School has been under construction since the beginning of the school year, so we decided to get an inside look at its progress. We spoke to the project director Lisa Pitt, who kindly took time out of her day to give us the full tour of our new PVA wing. What we’ve found out is that they are currently working on phase 2 of 3 of the project, which should be completed by he end of the semester. Many changes are being made, an art room will become a corridor, room 212 will become a quad and JROTC, tech-ed and art will be redone over the summer, which will reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the large amount of floating teachers. Pitt explains that the entire team is working really hard to get it finished by the second semester. One of the most drastic changes, aesthetically, is the new dance room with its large hand painted murals and stunning outdoor view. It was originally designed to be in the shape of a trapezoid but the dance teacher said that “ you can’t build a dance studio in the shape of a trapezoid.”

Aside from the PVA wing reconstruction, Pitt also explains that they had a second project going on called “the walls” project, which required approximately 20 people for the needed manpower. The total cost was about 2 million dollars, which was funded by a combination of state funding and a grant. Pitt says that there was a possibility of delay but the process went on through the winter without the worry of disturbing students and set a head start. She says that she is cautiously optimistic and hopeful with all these new changes and additions, the ultimate goal here is to increase efficiency in the creativity and learning of Annapolis High. “This is the absolute example of what all schools should look like”, Pitt says.

The Capital
Another view of studio theater
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